Doberman Humors Pomeranian

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And thats the end of me getting any work done...these videos are just too cute! Dunno how these dogs get a bad rep!!!

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There are so many amazing dogs of all breeds out there.  I could watch videos all day.  This one in  particular I love.  I love how much eye contact this Doberman gives his owner.  I want to do something with Daymian.  Creative dance, agility, nose work.  I have to get going on something.  He's clever. I wish he was as devoted to me as this dobe is to his mistress though.  Daymian gives a lot of eye contact which to me means he's there to please.  Tell me what you want sort of eye contact.

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AWWWWW!!! Love it!  That Doberman was so sweet! (and gorgeous!)