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We had a Fourth of July party here with a cart parade and all the puppers were invited..

Here Sofia meets Spartacus, an 18 month old aDORable Great Dane


OOOoo I like the tall ones!



And you smell so good too





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wow! he is a giant.

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Looks like someone has a new boyfriend!

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Well!!!!!! Ben is really beside himself now, more pictures, hummmpfffff......Ben says he's been loyal and true to his Sofia, now it comes out she's playing the field......what is a good rottie to do?? So it was a parade, is that like a one night stand thing??  She strayed long enough to break Ben's heart.....Ben was going to get all "Rottie" on him but he says it appears that the guy was on the receiving end of this meeting and all that kissing going on, he just can't believe it........he will just go lay down and think on this for a while.......