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For some reason, I cannot read RNDobermans posts.. all I can see is 0's and :-)

I know they're showing to other folks as they're being answered.. what's happening with my computer???

Nothing with your computer I'm deleting all of my info on this site. I've had enough of a particular persons posts that since they have owned 3 Dobermans want to question and rake me through the coals. The only reason I even started on this list was to help educate the unknowing public about our beloved breed. Most of the info given on this site is sad it is from pet people who don't know any better and frankly I have better things to do with my time. Tired of fighting! This is why the people who know better give up it takes to much. My time is better used in different areas. I do want to include a link in closing in case anyone reading this wishes to really learn about Dobermans. I suggest you join the Doberman talk forum. You can google it and come up with the link. This is a site that is filled with not only pet people but breeders, handlers and well respected Doberman people who have made the breed what it is today. It is a good place to search for all kinds of info. If you want a list that coddles you such as this one then don't bother looking. This is for people who care to search and do the best they can for the breed.

Kate I wish you the best, I loved hearing of your stories with Sofia, and do hope you will continue to email me. She is a lovely girl. Thank you for all of your support!

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RND, don't let someone get you down, and drive you off.  I know I haven't been posting here long, (I've been reading this site for quite some time though)  but I've read many of your posts, and you have alot of great information and advice to offer.  It would be a shame to have someone that could give so much to the community be driven off because of someone you don't get along with.  Just my .02.  Either way, even though we don't know each other, i've enjoyed reading your posts, and hope you at least continue to give such good info somewhere, rather than nowhere.

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I agree 101%. Never meant any personal harm. Everybody should try to accept input from others without being so critical of the differences, which I'm guilty of same at times.From American to European, floppy, long, or short ears, short tail to long tail wagging, rescue to best in show we all love our Dobes.

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I'm confused. Where has all this fighting and coal-raking occurred?

RND is right though, this is a website focused on pet parents. After we decided to end our breeding activity, I converted into a place to offer information to Doberman pet parents and prospective Doberman parents. At first it was just a guid - a hierarchy of articles. But then I added the forum due to all the email questions.

It would be cool if everyone who ever became interested in owning a Doberman lived on a farm, understood the world of dog breeding, was willing and able to provide all the care enthusiasts like RND feel is minimal, had a $million, and had spent a childhood observing dog communication. But that's not realistic. The average person interesting in a Doberman - I've found in numerous phone calls over the years - is thinking in terms of 'free', $200, 'outside-dog', 'all-black', 'guard-dog', 'breedin', 'x-large' and the like. -- these people never got one of our puppies of course

And once the average dog owner gets the Doberman home, it's often a huge mess, everything from botched ear-crops to Dobermans owning the house to people tying/caging their dogs 24-hours-a-day.

Much of this site is geared toward talking sense into people - or talking them out of getting a dog at all. But we can't stop everyone, can we? And people show up with their questions. (the good people anyway)

It's frustrating I know! But personally - for me - the most frustrating thing is the difference between a totally miserable Doberman and a happy Doberman is just a very few, small, easy, things. And once people understand these little tid-bits, the world changes in an instant. I've seen it many times.

I've also found that chastising people doesn't work. When people feel attacked they shut down and try to justify their actions. But - if you listen to people and treat them respectfully - even if they think a Doberman will stay warm in sub-zero temperature as long as you feed it enough just like horses - people will almost always reconsider their own ideas. (coddling)

And that's our goal. We're not here to punish uninformed people, we're here to help Dobermans. And if I have to coddle a few nit-wits to help their dogs, that's fine with me. I wouldn't have been able to build this website if there weren't people in my past willing to coddle a nit-wit (me).

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I did not even want to touch this subject but I could not help it. 

We are all here to help each other I thought. RND you are a great Doberman info source.  I will definitely miss your educated input.

We are not here to criticize one another, we are here to read each others posts and chime in when we feel that we might have some good advice or a good story to tell.  I value almost everyone's opinion on here, and alot of training that I have had to work snoopy through has come from ideas from you guys. I have had my own issues and people on here criticize me for some things, but in the end I took what I could use and did not take what I did not want. 

I value this site and it has been a great help for me.  I do agree that 5 weeks is too young for a puppy to leave it's mother, or that you should do more research in cropping before you do it, but who am I to speak to someone like that? Nobody.  And how does anyone learn without a professional Dobe fancier right by their side.  Trial and error.  you cannot expect all doberman owners to be as knowledgeable about the breed as someone who breeds them and/or shows them.

We are all human and we will all make mistakes, and for someone to be personally offended by someone who is not as "breed savvy" as we are is ridiculous.  We have all had to start somewhere, and most people who are just starting with a dobie have their work cut out for them learning how to best care for their dog.

I was at one time not so Dober savvy, and in some eyes probably still not, but I have learned alot through trial and error and from this site.  My dogs are still healthy and will continue to be, and these learning experiences have only helped us(dogs and I) move forward.

I still think that we should have the Breeders,show,and other fanciers here because the proper information is out there.  If we did not have these people on this site, we would not see the full spectrum. Lucky for us we have the Alpha Admin who is very knowledgeable and we will all be gone before Alpha is.

Take a step back and look at it from a different perspective.  Take what knowledge you feel will help and dont take what u think wont help.  This forum has become an exciting thing for me to login and have my dogs and I be a part of something helpful sometimes and special all the time.

Sorry for the rant, but I do think that sometimes it is necessary.

Thanks Alpha for all that you do here,Snoopy and I appreciate it.

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Well said and I agree 102%!

I have stated that I go to the Gentle Doberman Forum before our vet if I have a health question. The support and suggestions here are wonderfull, timely and heartfelt,  and I've made some lovely friends along the way. Being a writer I have to be oh so careful with the written word as some times it reads totally different than suggested.

I have never seen any malice or intentional hurt on this forum. We are passionate about our dogs and that lends to strong opinions..

If we can save one single Doberman from going to a shelter, or being abandoned because they didn't meet the owners expectations.. more power to those strong opinions..

I've noticed that many people read this forum before acquiring a Doberman. maybe they will learn and take heed before making a hurried decision..

Smooches to the Pooches


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Like Lady Kate I do try to watch my words since 90% of communication is non-verbal (tone of voice, facial expressions, body language, etc).  I KNOW I was too harsh to Todax when he mis-understood my questions about crating Brinks.  I apologized, but I should've known better than to write what I did. To know that he left this forum probably because of that... It's not a good feeling to know that someone on here could've used his advice but won't get it because of me!

Thank you, Mr. Alpha, for starting this forum for nit-wits like me!  I may not post much anymore but I read all the threads & appreciate everyone!

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rnddobermans, I really have missed you very much (and I don't use underlines very often!). There are several people on this site that I understand are/have been breeders and consider them to be very knowledgable. I have always considered you one of the foremost authorities on the breed and look upon you like a Jedi Master. I have considered it very humbling for you to post your expertise on this site and impart your knowledge to the rest of us - who, believe it or not - are hungry for what you know. (And if they're not, forget them!) The rest of us are very grateful for the information you have imparted because it is invaluable. I have checked out the site you refer to and am not finding the threads that are of most interest to me.  I guess I have to click around more and become more familiar with it so I can find your posts.  All the best.