First Time Dobe Owner *UPDATE NEW PICS!*

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Hi all,
  My name is Jessica, and I recieved my first Doberman puppy on mother's day from my wonderful parents  :)  Her name is Ivy, and she's my super pooper ;D. We got her rather young (about 4 weeks) from not the greatest situation (aka, we basically saved her). So she was bottle fed for a while. But she's thrived, and about tripled in size since we got her. She is my pride and joy, and I'm pretty sure already that I probably won't ever own another breed. She's got a date at the end of the month to get her ears done, I'm kinda nervous about that, she seems so little to be having her ears done! But she'll be about 11 weeks by that time, so it will be ok. The "breeders" told us they were in the process of getting papers, but realistically, I doubt I'll ever get them. But that's not a huge concern as she's not going to be shown or bred. But anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself and her, and say that this is a very cool forum, and I look forward to being a part of it!
   Jessica and Ivy.

These pics are from when she first came home. I'll try to get some more recent ones up ASAP.

Ok, so I finally got my pictures uploaded! Ivy had her ears done last Tuesday, and will go Friday to get her stitches out and have her ears re-posted and wrapped. She's been very good about leaving them alone, just scratching them every once in a while. I think they turned out beautifully, I can't believe how grown up they make her look. I believe she is in the viscinity of 20-23 pounds, and stands 15 inches at the shoulder at 12 weeks. Is there a way to guestimate height? I believe she's going to be a little taller than the standard. But anyways, she looks great, and I would highly recommend the Kokomo Animal Hospital and Dr Mark Stanforth of Kokomo Indiana for a beautiful ear crop.

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Pet Profiles

:) Hi Jessica
Shes gorgeous, and keudos to you for bringing her this far. Did the pup's mum reject her?
Im an new dobie owner myself  :)but im sure you will get heaps of information from other members.
Good luck :)

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Hi, Jessica. She is cute, and as you said, very young. As a former breeder, I would never let a pup go before 7 weeks, although I never encountered circumstances that could force me to do otherwise, so I will not judge your breeder. You are correct, the papers are not critical if you do not intend to show and/or breed her. I would also support the decision not to breed her unless you are ready to invest the time and money to do it right. I am now retired and no longer want to go thorough that, so although I now have a young red female (Princess), I will not breed her either. I will not spay her yet, but will neuter my 6 year old red male (Red) as he is not of breeding quality, and I do not want him to override my decision.

There are four definite stages in ear cropping. The first is the decision to do so and the prep work before the surgery. Other than the decision, most of this is done by the vet. By now you have probably had her to the vet several times and he had examined her ears. He will have a definite preference for the timing of the surgery. It depends on the cartilage stiffing and thickness of the ear. The ideal time from the cropping is 10 to 13 weeks, and if it is done after that point they are unlikely to stand.

Immediately after the surgery she will have her ears up in some device to both start the bracing and protect the edges. One of the devices is what is affectionately called the cone. This is basically an inverted styrofoam cup that is wrapped in tape and in turn tapped to the pup's head. The forward edge (uncut) of the ears is then either glued or tapped to the cup. My vet had difficulty getting the right glue when Princess's ears were done, so he tapped the ears to the cone:

(In the above photo, she has just finished her supper so she still had the kibble sauce on her muzzle).

The vet may also use a wire frame in a similar manner, but turning the pup into a "conehead" is both effective and cost efficient. In the interest of brevity, I will hold off additional verbage about the posting and end result until after she comes home. Looking forward to seeing her grow. They are very special, aren't they.

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Thanks! I'm super excited to watch her grow up. Now, the vet will put her first cup on her before she comes home, correct? (My mom didn't ask the right questions when she was at the vets ::)) I'm assuming so. And after about 10 days, the stitches come out, and the posting/taping begins? I'm also worried about that part, I don't want her to go through the surgery and then not have her ears stand up. I wish I had my stupid camera, she is so big now, and looks a bit like a blue tick hound thats the wrong color and has no tail, haha. Thanks for welcoming me!

The MAIN reason ears do not stand is people do not post long enough and aren't aware how to fix pockets,breaks and creases.

Ivy is very cute! so young to be away from Mom and dad, You will have to tell us the circumstances of how she was saved. I cant believe anyone would let one that young go. Despite that incredibly sweet pictures.