Ears fell after 3hrs

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My dobermans ears fell after 3 hrs. Its seems she has a slight fold in each ear. I had cleaned them and let them dry till the next day and reposted them. Is there anything else I can do to help the process? Her pics can be viewed at  "results after 3 Wks" before this posting.

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Just keep posting. A fold where the ear falls over naturally is not critical. A sharp crease is what you have to watch out for, especially if it is low and near the head. The long show cut takes more time for them to stand.

Also, unless the ears are excessively posted (and I use that term carefully) a Doberman's ears only stand tall and upright when on alert. This occurs when you are talking to them or they hear a new sound or something they are trying to figure out. Normally the ears are at a kind of rest which may be more at a horizontal than purely upright. When they are in a warning state (someone or something they don't like is there and they have the hackles up and may be growling) the ears are usually back flat against the head.

The ears when properly posted are still maneuverable by the Dobe. An experienced owner can almost tell what the Dobe is thinking by "reading" the ears. It's a little hard to see in this photo, but when Red and Princess were outside the other day and tussling, she kept her ears back somewhat. It was not until Red was over in the neighbors property that she had her ears up.

Do not be disheartened. Many Dobes require 6 weeks of posting or more, and the long cut may require even more which is why you rarely see it in a pet. If you go back to the other thread, I tried to hint that this may happen. Just keep at it, it's way too early to give up.

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Pay close attention to those folds, and massage them to work the still-malleable cartilage.  When you post, assuming you are using foam backer rod, cut out an extra shard of foam for each ear out of another piece to help compensate for the folded area.  Make sure the whole ear is tightly wrapped around the post with no wrinkles when you glue it.

You've probably still got several weeks of posting ahead of you because of the length of the crop.  That's a small price to pay for the final result, however.  Best of luck.