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this is a nothing really post!  just that OH and I were in the park last night with Megs and we bumped into a few other large dog owners we've met and had a lovely hour watching our dobe, Max the rottie, a pit/ridgeback cross (can't remember her name!), Jack the dalmation, Jake the staff/corgi cross and the sweetest old lab, Ruby all careering around together having the most amazing fun  ;D 

In our park, a few years ago, nobody let their dogs off leash and said hello or chatted, now the atmosphere is so much nicer.  I thank Cesar Milan, who is huge here in the UK and most people I talk to now are very keen on dog psychology, esp large breed owners.    Anyways, it was the perfect evening after the last few days - here's to some more!

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Finally!! Doesn't it feel good to get some rest and know that your girl is better..
Sofia wasn't very keen at the dog park. She wanted to meet and greet the owners and ignored the other dogs.. HRM is a tad snooty, she has one gal pal who she will play with  ( for hours)
Others, not so much.

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Here here!!! and what a nice place for you both! I can only dream and long for such a place!! o

Hail Cesar! lol we love him too!