Dogs and Cat poop

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I don't know what it is, but Snoopy sure does love to eat cat dung every chance he gets.  I have been putting a gate up to keep him away from the litter box but sometimes when it is taken down it does not get put back up the way to keep him out of there.  Any chance he gets he will go get it like it is a delicatessen. I tell him NO, but it does not seem to deter him the next time.  I have done some research on it and it seems that cat poop has alot of protein in it that cats do not digest.  It is supposedly natural for a dog to do this, but not when they want to come lick me in the face afterwards.  I know that dogs just do this but that doesn't mean I cannot try to deter him from it.  I heard that he will grow out of it, but then again some dogs never grow out of it.

Someone else also suggested I pour hot sauce on the crap to keep him from eating it.  What kind of crazy person puts hot sauce on poop.  I would never look at hot sauce the same again,  it would feel too much like I was supposed to eat it afterwards as I put hot sauce on everything that I eat.  I will not be eating cat dung though...  Any thoughts? experiences? advice on how to stop it?

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Yum... Kitty litter crunchies ! My dogs will both try to go after the snacks found in the litter box. As far as stopping them, persistence, eyes in the back of your head and getting a litter box with a cover and small opening for the cat and then positioning it into a corner leaving only enough room for the cat to get in.  Then somehow rigging it so the persistent dog cannot push it out of the corner.  Or you can get one those fancy litter boxes that look like furniture with a small opening the cat can get into while the box is hidden safely away inside.    You can just try to teach the dog not to, but in my experience that only works if i am around.  If I step out for a minute then its just too tempting and they can't resist.  Let me know how it works out! Good Luck

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with all my and hogan thankfully are my first dogs that do not eat any poop....yay...i have aolways heard eating poop was 1. normal...and 2. a sign of some kind of vitamin deficiency...hence eating the proteind....not sure good luck hooking up a litter box a dobie can't get into...and yes soleil...kisses....yuck!!!!

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hahaha, Sabbath goes for the little kitty tootsie rolls as if they were the tastiest things on earth.
I moved the litter box to my laundry room and installed a little kitty door. Every once in awhile
he will poke at the door and look at me to let him in there.

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I have never had cats, so have not had this problem except for a brief time when my Niece was staying with me and had her cat with her. She had an uncovered box, and when my first Dobe went after it, her comment was, "Ah, Almond Roca". I had never eaten it, and of course now, alerted to it's resemblance to cat stuff mixed with litter, never, ever will.

I believe every dog will eat it if given the opportunity. The only cure is to deny them the opportunity.