dobies rough housing

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Never had to deal with this before.

What's the best way to handle the rough housing between 2 dobies. Dallas (5 months) & Lucky ( 8yrs)
They are definitely playing around and it starts in the house. I tell them No and then send them outside to get it
out of their system.  Sometimes it works and sometimes they stand at the door acting like they're all done and I let  them in thinking they're done and it starts right up again.  Any suggestions??


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Just keep at them. Eventually Dallas will get the idea that mommy doesn't like it. I am sure that Dallas starts it because Lucky is the settled one. Kind of like Princess and Red, I let her out of her crate in the morning and she immediately runs to Red's and when I let him out she jumps on him. She would keep it up all the way to the door if I would let her.

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I am having the same problem. My 5 month old and my 3yr old. Norah (3months) jumps and bites at Jasmine (3 1/2yrs) but sometimes it goes the other way. Jasmine will shove toys in Norahs face wanting to play, I am ok with the play it just turns rough so I dont allow any play in the house. I feel like I have to keep them separate but they love being together. Please someone tell me that this will end soon. I am tired! LOL Any advise would be greatly appreciated!