Dobie pup Is TOO Vocal

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I have a 5 month old male Dobie puppy, I have had since 8 weeks old. He is exteremely spoiled and very well behaved, within a month he was leash trained (not just leash broken, heels almost perfectly already), knows sit, down, stay, come, and shake. BUT he is very vocal. He screams when he wants inside, he screams when he gets startled, he howls and grunts and whine almost constantly, and theres nothing wrong with him, he has been to the vet many times, he's healthy as can be, just loud. Any pointers??

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As a breed the Doberman is very vocal. It's just how they are.

If you want to reduce it, you have to stop responding to it. For example, where he's whining to come in the house, he's doing that because it's the best way he knows to get you to let him in.

I'm not sure how to reduce the general grunting and humming. That's just how they are.