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Hello!  I am new to the site :)  I have two fawn rescue dobes.  2 year old Whiskey and 4.5 month old Jax.  I also have a 9 year old american eskimo and a 6 year old west highland white terrier.  My husband calls me the crazy dog lady! LOL

I love my pups :)   My dobes were both adopted from Illinois Doberman Rescue where I am also a volunteer.

Whiskey was found in Georgia running down a highway pulling a heavy chain. A car swerved to miss him and hit the chain which nicked his ear. He was taken to the nearest shelter where they couldn't get his ear to stop bleeding. They then decided to put him on a "no hold" "immediate euthanasia" because of the bleeding. Luckily for him and us Doberman Assitance Network found out about him and plucked him from the shelter! They sent him north to Illinois Doberman Rescue where we adopted him 4 months later. He gave us some issues in the beginning with running any chance he could get out the door and trying to show dominance but after weeks of bonding training (hand feeding, leashed to me 4 hours a day, nothing good unless I give it) he is an amazing dog!! He has bonded to us so well. He is the best. 

Jax was a foster failure. LOL I was fostering him and just couldn't let him go after I saw how he and Whiskey were together. Jax was taken from a pretty bad back yard breeder situation with his litter mates and mom. He has some awful scars on his legs where his dewclaws were incorrectly removed and his tail is docked too short but he is SO smart and so sweet. He is doing amazing with his obedience training and loves Whiskey so much. He was pretty skiddish with people at first (rightly so after his beginning in the world) but he is doing amazing now. I take him with us everywhere - School pick up, home depot, dog park, around the neighborhood, college campus, pet stores etc. I try to expose him to as much as possible in the world. He is such a sweet boy!

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Welcome!  Lots of nice folks and good information on this forum.  Sounds like you have a Full house!

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A great big welcome from Baja.. Thank you and BLESS you for your rescue work., IDR has an amazing reputation... one we've heard about all the way down South here in Baja..

Whiskey and Jax are going to have a wonderful future with you and we're all looking forward to hearing about them both..as well as your Eskimo and Terrier..

ABrazos from Mexico

Katie, Sofia and Bella

P.S. Sofia is a fawn as well.

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Welcome! Your dogs are beautiful and how lucky are they to have found someone who loves them!?

Sounds like all that training and hard work is paying off! You will get endless advice and information on this Forum.


Steph & Rosco