***Updated***Pictures and videos of Tiny

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I used Ronans suggestions so I hope the videos will now work :)

Video of Tiny and his siblings with Karli :) And video of whole litter playing

Puppy Playtime Video


4 puppies and 1 little girl




Tiny at 4 weeks we went and spent an hour with him :)


 Hes the one with the orange collar :) We got him a new one Karli is holding the big boy of the litter a red they nick named Brutus because he is a brut! and might I add quite nosey ;)



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dang - can't see anything.......

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Pet Profiles

 If you uploaded photos to photo bucke, you need to use the direct link adress not the HTML or IMG code to share on here :) Or if you have them on facebook just right click, scroll down to properties and copy the adress.