Update on DJ's Obedience Class

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DJ's third class (of 4) in Level 2 Obedience was last night. I expected her to be totally unfocused due to the fact that I did NOT work with her all week like I should have. The weather was around 100 degrees every evening last week when I got home from work and that heat just drains me of ALL energy, so I neglected about 90% of her training practice. Did some inside things, but not much. My bad.

BUT....she was surprisingly good during class. She's one of the youngest ones in this class, and she's still at the age that everything is a game....not much seriousness in her yet. At one point, all the dogs were told to lie down in the center of the room in close proximity to each other and remain motionless.....DJ was reaching her paw forward and playing with the back feet of the dog next to her. LOL.

Recall with distractions was good and bad. The distraction this time was another dog playing with her, and during play, I was to call her to me from across the room where she was supposed to run straight to me and give me a centered sit. She DID stop playing and run to me....only to give me a rocket-dive into my chest with a big silly dobie grin all across her face when she got to me. Nearly knocked me backwards. Other that that, she did really well.

Two new commands last night--back up, and stand. Stand is from a sit or down position where she is supposed to just stand up and not move forward. She picked up really quickly on both the new commands. We will definitely practice lots this week...next week is the final class and test.

When these classes are finished, we'll take a one week break from training and then start a new 4 week class---new location, new trainer, and it's called Intermediate Obedience, and will mostly focus on "off leash" training. DJ has no off leash skills to speak of right now, so that should be interesting.
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Glad to hear she's doing so well!!! Lol @ her playing with the other dog's feet... Leave it to D.J. to do something like that. lol. Can't wait to hear about that test. I'm sure she'll pass with flying colors. Keep us all posted!

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Congrats on a great evening of training! We have been going to puppy training learning many basic commands and look forward to basic obedience in the fall. Enzo turns 5 months old this Friday!  Hang in there with the heat too ... its going to be 111 in Phoenix today! :0

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Sounds like a great class, and a bit of entertainment for all, hahahahaha

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Sounds like it went as well as you expected, would have love to seen the launch.