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I wanted to tell everyone about my neighbor who moved his 16 yr old son into his house. For some reason Axel, my Doberman, who loves everyone took an instant dislike to this kid. It took every command and restraint on my part to keep Axel from going after this kid. This has been going on for the last year or since the day the kid moved in. Well for the last month , the kid has not been around and today I found out he will not ever be around again. Turns out the kid is now a resident of the Michigan corrections. He raped several girls. Now I understand why Axel wanted to attack him. It absolutely amazes me how in tune he is to the people around him. So if your dog doesn't like someone and his reaction is severe, listen.                         

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Good boy, Axel!! Good dog!!!

Once I had a gathering at my house, and a guy I knew through friends came in the back door. Libby, who was a VERY intuitive dog, pinned him right inside the door, with her teeth at his legs. He started hollering at me to call off my dog, and I said NOPE.

I told him he needed to go back outside, and stay there.

I don't know what Lib knew, but I never doubted her. He was never allowed in the house again.

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Go Axel!  Love, love love these stories.  

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Axel knew, deep in his heart, that that boy was evil.

Bella likes almost eveybody. The only person she distrusts is MK step-father. Still, after 2.5 years and many social gatherings does not like hm. Well, fyi he has a drug and criminal record....

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What a hero you are Axel!! Auntie Kat could not be more proud..

I learned early on with our Sofia that her instincts are spot on.. If she doesn't like someone.. neither do I. Bella still looks to her for affirmation when they go outside.. It's like she's saying.."all clear sis?"

I can count on one hand the people Sofia took an instant dislike to.. and yep..I totally trust this girl.