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There was an incident tonight that I would like to share . I was at my sons softball game whine is a family environment and I've been taking Axel to since he's been old enough to go.

He loves everyone there and it's mutual . Things changed when this guy started walking up with his dog (Aussie) but I noticed axels posture changed just ever so slightly . I should mention there were two litte girls petting him. I asked him if hid dog was friendly cause Axel is very friendly. He said no that his dog doesn't like other dogs and people he doesn't know but before he could finish that sentence Axel just lunged ( luckily my son grabbed his lead) and the guy moved away quickly. The father of the girls moved them. I know Axel sensed that this was not a place for this dog and he felt a threat for these children. Everyone was shocked. This team has watched him grow up and they all know his personality. 

The reason why I know is because when we were leaving the guy and his dog were talking and we walked without Axel even looking in his direction. There were also no kids present. I'm proud of him and I have no doubt that he would protect me and my family to the end of his days. Children included.




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Why would he bring an unfriendly dog into that environment with kids everywhere??! Makes me crazy 

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hope you got a chance to explain to the child's dad that he was protecting HIS children.....way to go Axel!!!!