Time has flown by....

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Atticus will be 6 on April 26th.  I can't believe it.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I found this great site to help me try to raise this "bundle of energy puppy" that was scratching my arms up and making me go in another room in tears of frustration not knowing if I was doing right with him.  Well thanks to this wonderful place, I learned how to raise a "Gentle Doberman".  He is precious! Sweet! Loving! Beautiful! Everyone loves him.  We couldn't ever ask for a better friend than what we have in him.  

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Awww happy birthday Atticus!!! Best wishes for many, many more!!

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Happy Birthday Atticus!  Tiberius and T'Pol wish you a Dobie-Dog Great Birthday!

Yes, will agree, my boy will be 6 in July, were does time go?  This is a great site, has helped me immensely with my questions and concerns too.