saying goodbye is never easy RIP my little Boo. warning photo heavy

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We had to say goodbye to my sweet little Boo girl last week. She would have been 12 this week. Today was a sad day as I picked her ashes up and brought her home in a little wooden brown box.

She was the sweetest funniest little girl and will be terribly missed. I've been comforting myself with her photos and remembering funny and special stories about her. I'd like to share a few photos and one of my special memories of her.

Im proud to say that my daughter Stephanie put all of Boo's titles on her which include a RN, RA, RE, NAP,JV-N, CD and a CGC and many many junior wins in both AKC and 4H showmanship. This didnt happen without incident, embrassment, pride, love and dedication. Those days brings back many special memories of Boos antics in and out of the ring and our traveling adventures.


Boo at 2 years old in her prime.

Boo in her senior years helping her junior handler Stephanie earn Best Junior handler at the Puget sound Doberman Pincher specialty show

Boo at 10 in an agility trial her favorite thing to do. Wish we had started this when she was much younger. She would have been a super star.

enjoying a good romp in the snow with her grandson at age 10. If looks could kill on this one Boo and Romeo made quite the team in the woods. She had energy that never quit and loved her runs in the woods. The 2 of them were forever more competing. Im sure Romeo will also miss his running partner.

Love you Baby Boo!

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Great photos, love the one of Boo and Romeo running together.

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So sorry for your loss of this beautiful girl but what wonderful memories and photos you have of her to remember and cherish. 

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My heart is breaking for you.  What a fabulous girl she was.  I bet Romeo does miss her too.  Lots of love to you both.

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So sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful girl. 

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Oh Des.. I have so many fond memories of Boo. You were one of the first members of the Forum that I met and were so helpful with my 'newbie' questions and concerns.

      Boo was always such a exemplary example of "Dignified Doberman." Her stoic acceptance of 'The Wild Child' never ceased to amaze me. She was the best DoberGrandmomma ever!! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and memories with us.

     I know she's joined Elly at the Rainbow Bridge.. BTW did you know that there's snow there? Yep.. Elly arranged it just for Boo.. the two of them are romping through the drifts and send their love and want you to know they think you are the best. You always put them first and never complained about the time and sacrifice it took to give them the finest home any dog ( doberman or not) could ask for.

     It will be her birthday soon. I know that's going to be such a hard day. She and Steph 'grew up' together and the bittersweet memories will flood over you for a long time.

   We share your grief.. but know that when we say our prayers at night.. look to the heavens, we will see a new star.. Her name in Boo.

awhh that made me cry all over again. Thank you Kate. Im taking the 2 out today to run in the woods and I imagine that will be hard as well, it was Boo's FAVORITE thing to do. Her and Romeo were quite the team, they love to go out and explore checking back now and then while Paris is never far from me. Wont be quite the same. Will see how the dynamics play out today.

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I feel so sorry for your loss. She was such a class act and she will foreve remembered as the champion. I have learned so much about Dobermans thanks to you and I will forever appreciate you honest responses to questions that had been posted over and over. This all can date back to Boo and your love for her. God speed beautiful angel and enjoy your time over Rainbow bridge untl you are reunited again.


Tess and Axel

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Des, I am so sorry.  What a beautiful, sweet girl she was.  They just take over your heart so completely that twelve years is just a flash. The only thing they desire is to be loved and so you should feel comfort in that you made her completely happy.  I'm sure she knew that she made you proud, too, and that is pure joy for a dog.  There is no better gift than to share true communion with an animal.  I'm sure she passed peacefully knowing how much you loved her.

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I am so sorry for your loss. She's so beautiful and I'm glad you have wonderful memories to remember her by.

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So sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful girl. 

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What a lovely tribute to Boo!

Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos and a few memories of her with us - you all (doggers included, of course!) are in my thoughts and prayers.

Good journey to you, Boo......

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Beautiful pictures of Boo, I didn't get to "meet" her here but still the pictures brought tears to my eyes and then the last pic made them fall all over my face, I am so sorry that you have another void in your life. She looks like she was a terrific girl and from what I have read in this thread she was just that - perfect, as only she could be.....I know soon enough I will be in your shoes again, so know that I am grieving your loss and would love to see more pics of Boo when you feel like sharing.

I still think we need a memorial page here so that we can grieve together

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Now Stella and her Mama can go romp together in heaven and tell each other stories and snuggle together for naps in a sunny meadow in heaven.

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Rest in Peace sweet Boo.  Sending my thoughts and prayers.

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so sorry for your loss your boo was surely a classy act in a fur coat

kind regards from jbk and bella

 woofs to romeo from b she would love to run with him

sorry typos

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I'm so sorry Des. I have learned so much from you and Boo. Please know that you are all in my prayers. RIP sweet girl, you will be dearly missed. 

Live, love, never forget. 

Joelle and Skye

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Trying to find some sweet humor in passings so I guess between Ben and Boo passing we have a Benie Boo on the other side :) BenieBoo was one of Ben's nicknames - I know he will be impressed with her!!! she is beautiful