Romeo youtube clip showing our new training for rear end awareness

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I've been working with Romeo on his obedience and he has REALLY enjoyed our recent training teaching him how to move his rear end. He has a sesame street lol step stool (perch) we call it and the minute he sees this thing hit the floor his feet jump on it to perform his new trick lol.

I'm sure all of my Schutzhund friends will laugh when we bring it out on the field but I guarantee they will all be jealous that he is able to move both directions with such ease and he didn't have to be jerked and pulled to learn it! I can hardly wait until the snow melts a tad and we are back on the field for training. I'm just the one to bring something new to the field lol.

Most of you that don't do competition obedience will not see the importance of this, but to make tight obedience corners and get nice high competition scores the dog has got to be able to move the rear end well. You may think this is a easy task but try with a young dog and you will see that they are partial to moving one side or the other. Most will want to move the entire body and not sidestep to move the rear. The idea of the perch is to have the front legs up so they will concentrate on moving just the hind end. I'm including a you tube clip of Paris doing rally and she has pretty nice tight corners. I'm also including a you tube clip of her mother Boo doing rally and you will note the difference in her corners. Boo was never taught get it in or rear end awareness.

Just a disclaimer before it begins Romeo accidentally stepped on my daughters Chihuahua in the clip and she did yelp but she is okay. These are the kind of dangerous things that happen with big/little dog combos. You will see in the clip that it bothered him that it happened and he didn't mean it. I'ts hard to see but Avas dad was in the kitchen behind us and picked her up and loved on her. If I hadn't been so intune to what Romeo was doing I would have seen her under foot. Hindsite oh well.

Here is Romeo practicing (excuse the mess and the shaking of the phone by my daughter)

This one is of Romeos mother practicing off lead for Rally Excellent.

This one is of Paris' mother practicing Rally advanced and you will note the difference in the way she turns corners and doesn't do tight turns and pivots. I never taught rear end awareness with her. Although a nice obedience dog not quite as good as Paris with the tight corners. Excuse the howling in the background that is one very jelous Paris wanting to be with me.

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Simply incredible!! Romeo is so big!! I was amazed to see him do so well.. Nice focus even after the stepping 'accident' ( what kind of treats do  you use.?) I thought he was partial to furniture ( lol)

Boo is fantastic...such a pretty girl and looks great. Wonderful  job Desiree..

( see y'all.... it CAN be done!!)

but oh my... Poor pitiful Paris... She sounded despondent.. Sofia came bounding up the stairs to see what was going on.. stared at the computer screen and pawed my lap as if to say:

" Help her~!"

Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous videos..

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Awesome job!  Did you start by teaching him to place his paws on the step and then encourage the turning?  Or did the turning start first?

We've been thinking on what sort of competition we want to start doing with Steve, and I hadn't really given competition obedience much thought.  Which sport do you most enjoy doing with your dogs?  I know you're very active with them.

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Very nice! I can only hope Athena will be that obedient some day!Also, Thanks for sowing what what rally is...I have always wondered when I saw it on the training roster. 

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Impressive!  Your dogs seem to love training.  (I got a kick out of the little chihuahua running around on his back legs wanting one of those treats, too)

 Kate, I can just see Sophia wondering what in the heck that awful noise was. This is the same noise Paris makes when I leave her anywhere that she cant be by me. Now you can hear why we cant continue in obedience. Paris is amazing to work and she loves to make me happy but she is a little neurotic about leaving me.

Jes, yes I taught him to put his feet up there first. He would get a treat for one foot then shortly after he was putting both feet up. I actually started him with the clicker on this. He is really food and toy driven so makes it easy to train. Actually rear end awareness is good for all of the dog activities especially agility which is another one of my favorites. I think for the fun of it we enjoyed rally the most. If I weren't so handicapped I would go further in agility but I get lost on the course lol.

Control freak you should try the rally it is a blast. Fun training for the dogs to.

Zivas dad, yes Ava is pretty cute and my daughter who was trying to tape was thinking she was pretty cute doing her little dance trying to get a cookie. Then we had Paris in the mix wanting to do the trick also. It is hard to train at my house with the competition lol. My dogs all LOVE to work and you can tell when you watch them the ears are up and they are happy.

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RND, amazing!!!  Your kids are so beautiful.  Poor Paris in the background.  I kept thinking it was a child crying!  She really does hate to be separated from you!  I was so amazed that Romeo doesn't take his eyes off of you - his focus and attention are incredible.  It is clear they love doing their exercises.

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Definitely a Doberman whine. Princess is starting to get like that. She wants to really, really be with me and me petting her. It's hard at time to type on the computer for all the nose bumps on my left elbow. Although she does not whine, she does whirl.

The first one I ever had do that was Cindy (1997-2002) who would whine and whirl around in her crate. This was one that was only 26" wide and she would spin around like a top. When Princess is in her crate and gets excited, she does the same thing, except without the whining. Her crate is also only 26" wide.

BTW - Baron and Jiggs (my male Schnauzers) would like to know if they can borrow Romeo's step stool. They think it is also aptly named. (HRH Princess is in season, and they are going crazy trying to get in her crate when I let them out).