Our Doberman has lymphoma

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In the past few weeks our Jake, who is 6 yrs old, had been to the vet for his rabies shot. Nothing was found to be wrong with him. Afterwards, his whold body blew up, especially around the area where he received the shot. We were told by another vet that he had lymphoma. Our lives have changed drastically. We are doing everything we can and learning all we can to stop this horrible illness. It is an entire day and night process. Be careful about their shots. This is now the 2nd dog we've lost after they received a shot and so we're extremely upset about what in the world these people are doing to the beautiful dogs. This is a life or death situation. We're feeding him through syringes when we have to and learning message for dogs to release the poison from his lymph glands. Also using everything in his diet that we've been told by a Wholistic Vet and seeing some improvement.

I saw your post on another forum - I'm very sorry for your loss.  

Rabies is required by law - so it is one I do every 3 years as required by law. After the one year booster for influenza, distemper, and parvo, I do titers. I have had dogs that went low on their immunity, and at that point, I booster.  I also do bordetella nose drops every year. 

I think that it is important to immunize, I just get angry at the vets who still want to give shots every year.