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Went camping this past week . Here's a few pics .

Jewel on goose guard . You know how dangerous they can be !

Those geese are everywhere ! They'er not stealing my camper .

Dad , I don't wanna go to bed yet !

Now that all the geese are gone I can relax by the fire .

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Wow, what a gorgeous girl she is. Two photos reall tell the tale. The first when she is watch something on the lake intently - probably you. Then the one with your wife holding the lead and the look on Jewels face tells it all. No one in their right mind would try anything with her around.

I am sure all had a very good time. She especially, not that she really likes camping, she just wants to be with her family.

I think she is very aptly named, she is a Jewel.

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Great photos.  I especially love the 3rd one---you can almost hear that low throaty growl.

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I was thinking the same thing Ziva's Dad.. Just listen to her growl.. She has grown up to be such a beauty!!

looks like a nice place to camp, I'm sure she had a great time from the looks of it. I like the Dad I don't want to go to bed yet and the one of her crashed out  by the fire after a long day of saving her campsite from those pesky geese lol.

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nice pictures,thanks for sharing.

rgreen , If your talking about the pic with the blue lead ( "Then the one with your wife holding the lead " ) then I must say thank you , I had no idea my knees were so pretty . LM#O .

We had a great time . I could bring her to the nature trail and let her run through the woods off lead when most of the campers left for home (exercise) . She wont let me get out of her sight for long so she doesn't get too far off and will come when called but she was in doggie heaven with all the new smells that the woods have . She even went swimming in the lake .

There's a leash rule at the campground , " Dogs must be on a six foot leash at all times " but it never said that I have to hold the lead . When we would walk around she just walked next to me and just drug her lead behind her , she has off lead heal down . Her command is " CUMMON "

Ziva's Dad we did learn a new command though , "WATCH" = Stand , stay , look and low growl but no barking or chasing . I saw a training  opportunity and ran with it .  Used it on geese , boats , poor little Tobie and a friend of mind that was there . She wouldn't hurt anybody she's just a big ol' puddin BUT if you didn't know her you would be awful worried .

Her and I are working real hard at training so I am boasting but thanks for letting me . ;-)

I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving !

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Love the pictures! She's one sharp looking girl.  I can see her mind turning with the desire to protect.  So great!