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Hello everyone,

            I brought home my 7 week old lil girl,,Zena. Its been 25 years since my last Dobe. A little nervous but excited too. Ive done alot of reading and I feel like I sort of know what im doing. Crate is going good,,,well night one anyway. She has lots of toys and beds. Working on a routine for her today. I have noticed she gets cold quickly!!! Doesnt like to be outside yet. Ill get a sweater later today. She likes to fall asleep on my llap so I"m working on going in her bed to sleep. In fact,,,Im on the floor now and she is in her bed. Looking fwd to any and all advice!!



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Pet Profiles

Oh my gosh.. the only advice I can lend is to take as many photos as you can as they seem to grow up as quickly as you can blink

Welcome home Zena you Warrior Princess... and speaking of pictures.. no more messages to you until we see this little one.. j/k excited for you.. Have fun

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Welcome to you and Zena from Texas.  May your adventure be grand!