New here - Hi everybody!

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I am new here and wanted to say hi to everybody. I am meanwhile a 7 month old dobie girl, and share “my” house with my bro a wonderful 7 year old shelter dog (Chow Chow/Cattle Dog mix) and the owner of the house a sweet Toy Poodle (9 years old). Ah... and there are those people who call themselves my parents – but we just let them live here. –  That’s the way our dogs think about us : ) We are blessed to have these wonderful dogs. They make our lives happier and we all have a lots of fun. My wonderful husband and these great pets help me during hard times of non ending pains and PTSD after a drunk driver hit me head on (his 3rd DUI)

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Hi there.  Glad to have you added to our group. 

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Welcome to the group, I've been gone a while but wanted to say welcome anyway :)