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I just love my girl so much. She had her one year birthday yesterday (I got her at 8 weeks).

Yesterday when I got home, I told her we could go to the park and she was so excited she ran out the door to the car.  I had the passenger window down of my small Saturn car--she jumped right through the window and into the front seat! LOL

Ruby has turned out to be the most loving, sweet and funny girl. We love her way more than we could have  imagined.

The poor girl is going through a false pregnancy right now. Carrying her "babies" everywhere and whining and making a lovely nest of the couch cushions. (She even had morning sickness a couple of times) Yesterday she was standing on the bed (yes...she sleeps with us) BARKING at me. haha I thought she had to go outside or something. So I got up, but no..OH NO! I was laying on her baby!

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This is such a cute story, I just love coming on here and seeing all these beutiful dogs.  She is so pretty.  I am curious about this "false Preg" thing.  Does this happen even if you get your dog "fixed"?