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Hello everyone, new to the site.  I brought my Doberman puppy home a little over a month ago.  Black and Tan Male named Onyx.  Things are going great, very smart.  He was super easy to crate train, took to it after a night (more or less) and pretty good about "going" outside.  Likes to pee in the house still but not a lot, a tiny amount, much less than he's capable of.  Thinking he's marking the house as "his" maybe?    

He's also a super sweet boy.  He wants to be aroud me at all times.  If I'm sitting, has to be in my lap.  If I'm standing he'll park his butt on my foot, lean on my leg, and stare at me waiting to play.  Still working on the leash, doesn't like it, but stopped fighting it fairly quickly and for his age he's done good going on a few "mini walks".  Even stays at my side and doesn't try to get ahead/out front unless there is something or someone he's dying to get at and play with.  Very social, does great with other dogs and people (children included).  In fact I've observed him being much calmer when he's around small kids and not playing nearly as "rough" as he likes to with me.     

One thing we are still really having to work at, which I know is common, is play biting.  Does anyone have suggestions or tips that worked for them?  I've heard to make the yelp noise and walk away, but my voice is too low to really yelp and I've heard walking away can give the impression they are the "boss" or Alpha.  I tried the time out approach but I'm not sure he was understanding or is old enough to comprehend.  What I've been doing is very gently holding his mouth closed with a firm, but not loud, "No bite".  I'm not sure if he's not understanding or just can't resist the urge (just over 11 weeks old).  Any tips are greatly appreciated!  Thank you! 



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We have an 8 month female Dobie and she is rarely play biting with us now. We have a 6 year old mixed dog she plays with. We did the Yelp to get her attention and follow it with "no bite" in a disapproving tone. Occasionally when she is in a playful mood she will lightly bite our hand/wrist and as soon as we say "no bite" she stops and tucks her chin down and looks up at us with that "I'm sorry" look. :) often she will then quickly lick our hand and then we praise her saying "good girl...nice kisses" We found its true that Dobes respond best to positive comments. They DO want to please you and that is showing more as she gets older so hang in there! Being consistent is the key. Use the same words so he isn't confused.

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There are some very knowledgeable folks on here who can give you very good answers! 

We did a little bit of everything; making yelping noises, stopped playing/looking at her until she'd calmed down, put something that was OK to chew in her mouth and said "Good," made her get off the couch if she was being too rowdy and not let her back on until we said so, holding our hands in the back of her mouth until she tried to spit it out. I don't know which was most effective but she did eventually grow out of it (almost 9mos old now). Bitter spray can be effective and can be used on other items like furniture or house plants. 

Good luck with your sweet boy!