Meet Midas, New to the community!

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This is Midas, he will be 10 months old at the end of the month! He is such a fun puppy to have! He is about 28 inches and 68 pounds. He LOVES going to the park and playing fetch, as well as swimming in our pool! We are very excited to join this online community and learning more about the doberman breed and seeing everyones doberman pups! 


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Welcome!!! can't see the pics but looking forward to seeing them eventually :)) sounds like a bundle of doberman energy !!!!

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Hello! He's a good looking boy =)

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Love love l.o.v.e the name Midas.. PERFECT for a Doberman. We're so happy to have you here.. it's a great forum chock full of advise, suggestions, answers to problems and people who are passionate about the breed.. ALL breeds.. this is definitely a equal opportunity Forum.

Have you lived in Las Vegas for a long time?? Where to you coach basketball.. (If you say UNLV I will just roll over and play dead... !!Always my pick for March Madness)

Looking forward to seeing some BIG photos of Midas.. he looks like a stunner

Salude from Baja

Katie, Sofia and Bella