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This is Duke! He is now 4 months old and this picture was literally taken one month apart. What a difference the cropped ears make. My baby is growing fast. I recently posted about his weight he only weighed 25 lbs at 4 months now almost two weeks later he has gained 10 lbs. I did a lot of research about this breed before getting him. I was looking for breeders close in the area of where I am. I found some but it seemed sketchy. So one day out of boredom I got on the infamous sketchy website (craigslist). I agreed to meet someone who had a red doberman and left furious after waiting for an hour for her. She said she had a flat tire. Well upon her arrival (an hour later) she pulled out a little red doberman. I am a nurse so I noticed immediately her eyes were glazed and she reaked of alcohol. When I held the puppy he smelt like marijuana. At that point I took him home with me thinking I can't let him go back with her. I took him to the vet and they said he was very small for his claimed 2 months of age. He was more on only 4-6 weeks max and too little to be away from mommy. He had Giardia and it was hard to rid of. Finally after switching foods and antibiotics Duke is finally growing fast is super active and healthy.

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Growing like a weed, welcome to GD and the whole dobie lifestyle adventure!

Be sure to read up on all the advice you can find about socializing and the early adoption ( leaving the mom)  syndromes.

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Wow.... what a story.. SO glad you found him and rescued this little fella.. he'll be fine.. just time and love and patience and more love..


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Poor baby what a hard start, glad he found a loving home to thrive in!!!!