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Hi, I have a 16 month old female blk/tan and we're in the process of adopting a rescue. He will hopefully be here next weekend! Our Mayhem is a total spazz but very loving. We're still trying to break her from her mouthiness and jumping. :-)




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Welcome and I'm glad you are enjoying your girl.  If you still have some training issues to work out, perhaps now is not the right time to add to your family.  Lapses in training with the first dog will only worsen when adding a second dog because the rescue will mirror her behavior. 

Stick around, read past threads on training and help your girl become the solid companion she deserves to be. 

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I agree with MommaL.  The last thing I'd be doing is adding another dog to the mix when you still have work to do with the one you have.  Get her trained before you have even less time to spend with her.  Focus on the one you have.  When you get her to the point of being very well behaved, it will help you tremendously with a new dog.  Then you'll have time for that one, and it will learn from her good behaviour. 

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We want to get a new dog, and have waited almost 3 years since we got Bella.

Marlay is not going to be mature for another year, almost. You owe your time to her. Let her visit with friendly dogs that you know for her doggie face time, otherwise let her bond with and learn from you.

Its a good idea to wait, just like the other replies said.