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Hello everyone I haven't been on here since Magnum has been a baby, but I still pop through on occasion to see how everyone is doing. Magnum is finally turning 3years old and I am very happy to be apart of Magnums life every step of the way. He has turned out to be a big boy weighing in at about 90 lbs. He is such a joy! Pics of his actual birthday shall be posted later in the week.    


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Happy Birthday you great big beautiful DoberDude!! Can't wait to see the photos!!

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I remember this boy he arrived shortly after my adoption of Benjaman the rottie....wow it's hard to believe it' been that long, but that's right cause this Oct. 22 will mark one year since Ben died (so sad and hard to believe) and Ben was with me 2 1/2 years - my how time flies.

I can't wait to see updated pics and hear more

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Magnum yayayayayaya