Kay girl, it was an honour

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On the 23rd of February, I left for work at 11am and said goodbye to the doggos. I got my break and came back home at 3pm to take Kay for her usual walk to the park, and then Clover for her usual run to the park. 

As soon as I walked in I noticed Clover had put herself in her crate and was peering out. Kay was as good as asleep on the sofa. Looked like she was asleep as usual, same position, eyes closed, except her hackles were up. Her heart had just stopped in her sleep. 

It was my honour to be her owner and have her as my best friend. She was with me through every important part of my life. She supported me through times tougher than I thought I could handle and she stuck by me better than any person I’ve ever met. I’ve always said she was the best dog I’m ever going to meet and I still believe that. She taught me about more than just dogs, and though her death was too soon for me, 8 years of her love was plenty, and to have her live to well and die so peacefully without experiencing fear, discomfort at the vet or pain is all I ever wanted for her. 


She’d gone for a long walk with all of the family along the canal, stopping at a pub before heading home just 2 days before she died. The day before, she was actually more lively than usual on her walk!


She’s recently come back from the vets — the only dog I’ll ever cremate. She belongs at home. I’m so grateful that she passed peacefully before her arthritis and old age prevented her from doing the things she loved. I couldn’t have asked for a better life for her and I think asking for it to be longer would have been selfish of me. 8 years was plenty. Rest easy my g.










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So sorry for your loss.  RIP Sweet Kay.  To pass at home is the best exit, still painful for you, but at least she went peacefully and the way we all hope our exit from this world will be.  She will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge.  

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I'm so very sorry for loss. Sleep softly, beautiful Kay.

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Oh my gosh.   My heart is breaking for you and your loss.  I've been away from this site for too long, I guess, and decided today to check in to see what's been going on.  So sorry to hear this about Kay.  There is some comfort in knowing that she had the best life she could possibly have, and how she gave so much love and companionship to you.  That, and like you said, her passing was obviously not one of fear or horrible pain.  She passed in her sleep knowing she was home and that it was ok.  Hard to keep the tears out of my eyes right now.  :(

So sorry for your loss!

I've lost two to sudden death (11 & 9), they were always just fine until the minute they were not. It is such a shock to lose them suddenly, and the only comfort to me is that they didn't suffer. 

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I am so, so sorry to hear of Kay's passing.

I've lost two suddenly as well, and it's such a shock.

Every post, every SINGLE one you posted, of you and Kay were a tribute to your love for each other and to how magnificent Dobermans can be.

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I too, have been very busy with our new Airbnb Tiny Tiki Trailer Zone.

I wish I could have seen this right away to send my heartfelt condolences. I have always enjoyed very much your posts and photos about Kay. You gave her a rich and beautifullife!!

I'm so sorry for your loss.


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This is sad news to read indeed. Very sorry for your loss. Was a beautiful dog and could tell from the pictures you shared that she loved you very much by the way she looked at you...


No doubt that she can never be replaced but... Time for a new Doberman.



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I choked up reading your story.   I am so sorry.  It is good that you can cherish the times you had with her and reflect back on the good life SHE had with you.  Again, so sorry.  I am new on this forum and just read this.  I pray by now your wounds have healed some.  


So so sorry to hear this - RIP Kay, and hugs to you.