Its a girl! (a sad & very happy story)

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We're getting a new dobe! I can't contain myself anymore I just have to share my  [our] joy. Maybe its silly or inappropriate but I could explode and I'm not even drunk! [not that I do that anymore].

We had slated since beginning of January to get a new female pup, the dam due about Feb. 5th. Well we waited just to find out there were just 3 pups, a male, a black female and red female. We had 1st pick female so we were ok (wanted black). But there was something wrong with some pups (maybe linked to such a small litter)."Our" female had a very bad front foot/paw; we almost took her but my wife reminded that from little on she would have to go up/down the stairs to make it to our fenced-in back yard-- to play, potty, etc. etc. So , also because we were slated to pay $2000 for her (plus $450 ear cropping) we decided, with the breeder, to wait for another litter.

So we were next slated for whelping April 21st. Waiting for something from the breeder, we got an email "call me". Upon calling we found out that upon x-raying the mother, it was a false pregnancy. Ooooohh!!! Were we to wait for a whelping In May? Hopelessly we didnt know what to do. But our breeder knew of another fellow breeder and litter with HIS sire & THEIR dam that he knew & met, that was tested DCM Dna clear, also some other tests which just made the pups highly desirable. March 27th brought 6 black females & 4 black males into the world of dobes. So we deposited and are guarateed 3rd pick female, which is very good as it gives us 4 pups to choose from. Yaaayyy!! So "Hailey"  is 2 1/2 weeks old and we finally feel good about everything.

In case you want to know our breeder is Sierra Dobie farms, and he will transport a female from Tenesse from Sunny Hill Dobes to us (halfway from a Chicago suburb and Fort Wayne Indiana). I like Dealing with Steve and our bad luck was really his too, so we were all hurting.

Anyway it started with a Sunday phone call, 1st week of January. Our beloved dobe Lacey had died Sat. night of cardiac myopathy (DCM right? what does the D stand for?). We had taken her to the emergency center mainly because she wasnt eating. They quickly took an EKG and even showed us how her heart was racing. In people they would be up for a pacemaker, but I remember 1 of the dog's creeds is something like "when it comes the time, do not go thru great lenghths to save me. I am not having fun anymore"'. Well Lacey, if you're listening from the bridge if they could have "converted" you with meds And maybe take some later, in this day and age I don't consider that extravagant anymore. But alas, they converted her just to give her a seizure . And then later her heart went back up to racing. They called  us to come in as it may be the last time we see her alive (it was). They treated pets there almost better than people, as they made her more comfortable than we had the stuff to do (where do they get just the right pillows blankets etc.??). I leaned into Lacey's cage and whispered to her if she feels strong enough she can recover. But if she doesn't , St. Francis will be there and take her to the Bridge, where she can chase all the chipmunks she wants and even "get" the birdies!

It was at that moment I bellowed into tears, sobbing in front of Lacey and crying out, I dont remember.Actually I don't want to. Foolishly we still tried for life, so we went home. I called later just to hear that her heart rate was coming down but also her temperature . We were losing her. I knew what that call at 4 AM was. I let my wife answer it. I knew. 30 seconds later I heard a sound I never want to hear again, such a painful scream it was as if they ripped her heart out. THAT WHAT DOBES CAN DO TO YOU. They are so loving they just take your heart with them. Me, I had gotten it out in that cage (they must have heard me in the waiting room).

Boy, to lose Lacey at a young 10 years old. You see, I have kidney failure. I have been on dialysis for 3 years, waiting for a kidney transplant. I already thought of the only 1 or 2 years Lacey and I would have together after my transplant. Hah! Jesus fooled me. The loss was so sudden though , from just not eating to EKG to death, all in a few hours. I understand we lose 50% of our dobes to DCM. Boy!  At least both of Hailey's parents are tested DCM DNA negative, so about 95% chance we wont go thru this again. She was just chasing our now 2-year old Black Lab around the kitchen, literally .

Lacey was quadrupley close to me, as she saved me during my 1st 8 months of dialysis. They say it takes a year to get used to the hell, dished out 3x weekly for 3.5 hours . I would come home, physically exhausted and getting very depressed. My wife wasn't due home for couple or three hours. So I grabbed Lacey And went upstairs where we huggered in bed. Now, my lab can hugger but Lacey felt more like a person. Anyway it was Lacey that made my dialysis bearable. so it was here i was thinking she would be old but at least a year or 2 after my transplant[that she'd be around]. Life  certainly turned out otherwise. Anyway that dog got the most prolonged belly rubs that is probably possible (before we drifted off to sleep)--[just as a side note several times I caught her truly watching TV-- snuck up on her-- where everyone else [almost] was sleeping]. I guess she slept after  I left for dialysis. Anyway Lacey, I still love you with all my heart and WE WILL see each other again.

Anyway we went to see Lacey''s dead body and made final arrangements. We came home And I was beat, in a semi-trance still in shock and grieving. So I just went to look at puppies on the web. Maybe you guys think Im bad hearted or whatever, but I just wanted to look at puppies. Anyway hours later that search statred to turn into a real search for a new companion. My father had said that [upon death] if you are planning at all to get another dog you should do so right away. We didn't want to raise a puppy in January so we looked at litters that we would get April/May, springtime. That was where we put in for a litter whelping of Feb. 5th, and you know the story from then on. We have been waiting with our hearts half-empty since beginning of January and we can finally point and say "our Hailey's in there![picture]".

Cried about Lacey a few nights ago but should remmember that at the Bridge Lacey's heart is all normal, she's running around with the other dogs and just missing one thing: us. Anyway I truly beleive animals have "little souls" (at least those that were close to someone). So for those who share the faith please say just a little prayer that my PSA goes down; and that my new kidney "takes" [works]. PSA because I had radiation treatment for my prostate cancer, and was on inactive list for 2 years. If everything goes well I will be on active kidney list this July. So before that we will have Hailey for a month, and again our family will be 4 (we couldnt have children. These dogs are our kids).

So maybe we were crazy to look for a new dobe barely a day after we lost Lacey, but we have been waiting.

So! I'd get all you guys cigars saying "its a girl". Anyway thats the story. God bless you and St. Francis help you (it does pay to pray to the right saint). Thanking you for your prayers.

Alfred & Cindi and Maggie too [lab]. Oh! Hi from Hailey!!! :)

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Here is a pic of Hailey & her 5 sisters (we get 3rd pick)


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I'm sorry you lost your girl Lacey. 10 is a decent age. I just had my oldest girl PTS myself and she was only 8. Definitely will be focusing on longevity in the next breeder I consult with. I don't think you're cold-hearted to get a puppy so quick after your dog died. Kay came home two days after my last boy died. I think it depends on the person. I know a guy who won't ever get another German Shepherd because he "doesn't want ti replace the one he has". That doesn't really make sense to me, but each to their own.

After Kay has passed away, I won't be getting to choose my next dog for years.

(D stands for "Dilated")

The photo gave me puppy-fever. It looks like there are some really dark faces in the bunch. I'm a fan of the darker markings.


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Congratulations on our new baby!  Enjoy every minute.  A friend told me that once you have a doberman, you are never without one.  I thought it was an odd comment until we got our it makes perfect sense. 

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oh my word, sobbing like a baby while reading this. The thought of losing my girl who is only 8months old breaks my heart already. Our old lady hound/mix is really showing her years lately and i caught my hubby hugging her and saying "boy I'm sure gonna miss you when you go Rosie". These beautiful animals who want nothing but our love, give us so much. We've already decided that as Rosie gets closer to her end, we will be bringing in another dog friend for our Dobie and for us. I don't know if it will be a dobe, a rescue or what (a rescue dobie maybe?) but there will be such a big hole left that it will be a necessity to fill it with more canine love.

Congratulations on your new little girl, can't wait to hear and see more of her!

God Bless

Angie, Harlow and Rosie

Condolences on the loss of your girl - as someone else said, 10 is not young for a Doberman. The average life span for this breed is 9 1/2. 50% of Dobermans will die of heart issues - some young some old. The best way to deal with it is to test - in hopes of catching it early so that you can extend their life with meds. Cardiac ultrasounds starting by age 3, and a 24 hour holter monitor. These tests need to be repeated on a regular basis - and all breeders should be doing these tests on a regular basis for all breeding dogs.

Just as an FYI, "DNA Cardio Clear" is a test of only one gene linked to heart disease in Dobermans. Plenty of Dobermans that have tested "Clear" have died from heart disease.... indeed, when the test first came out, several DCM diagnosed Dobermans did the test and tested clear..... when they were actively battling the disease already. Even the Vet/researcher who developed the test has said that it is only one tool and that it is not an indicator of whether a Doberman will develop the disease.

There is no such thing as a Cardio free bloodline in Dobermans - the DNA test is a tool.... but Cardiac Ultrasounds and 24 hour holter monitors are the only definitive test to catch DCM at the early stages and any breeder that isn't doing them and just doing the DNA test - then advertising their dogs as "Clear" are ignorent at best and deliberately misleading at worst. They could be breeding dogs that may already have occult DCM but are not showing any syptoms yet.

Also, that I can see, neither breeder does anything to prove the breeding worthiness of their dogs, but if you are paying $2000 + cropping then they ARE charging top dollar for their puppies - as much as a show breeder charges for pet puppies from fully health tested Champion parents

I wish you luck with your new puppy - if you get her.... but I thought that you should know the truth. 

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Wow, I as well am sobbing reading your start!! Lex is almost 11 and I try to give that extra love each day knowing the time will sadly come.  Your story is amazing!  I hope and pray for you that Lacey has now started to not only watch over you and your health but to whomever your doner will be too! Congrats on your new baby!! I wish you many years of happiness and fun!!

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So sorry for the loss of Lacey and at the same time happy that you have a new little girl on the way. I agree, 10 is not young for a dobie lifespan. Years ago, I lost my red/Tiffany at 11, black/Caesar at 12, and rescue doll, tiny red Rosie at 6. Sounds like you had some good, long years with Ms. Lacey. Welcome to the dobie nation Hailey!

Jax & his mom