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Hello all...it has been a long time since I have been on here. I was so heartbroken after losing Zo, that I couldnt face it. i learned so much in this forum and so many of you helped become a better dobe parent!

As you may have read, we lost Zo after he ran away and he is now at the Rainbow Bridge. It has been rough and I have cried for my boy but I had to let life happen. He left us with many memories in the short time we had him and for that I am thankful.
Once he left, Karma and Zeldie were NOT getting along at all! A good family friend of ours who is an older gentleman and retired, had asked us before if we were interested in rehoming her or Zo. Of course we kindly declined. But after weeks of struggles with the two girls not playing nice and Zelda getting so upset over losing Zo...AND me going back to a full time job: we felt it was in the best interest of all of us to rehome Karma to him. He picked her up and has been there since. She has grown tremendously and enjoys her rides in the back of his pick up truck! She is spoiled rotten and loves her new horse buddy. It was a win win although i miss my little sassy pants! Yes she is till sassy.

So on the Zelda, she took it really hard to lose her life long friend, but we kept her busy. Once Karma left I dedicated myself to her. Took her on more walks and that tough stiff dobergirl started to become more lovable, less stressed, and so goofy! Like a whole new dog, like she came into her own. So now that she is the only dobechild, she is so energetic, so much more lovable, and super fun! She has really blossomed and we couldnt be happier. I look forward to my weekends at home sipping my coffee in on the porch and watching my girl torment the birds and squirrels!

I am glad to be back and want to continue to learn and share the stories with you all that have been so kind to me.

Hope all is well!!

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Hi, and welcome back I remember your story, so sad......glad you have found the answer to Zelda's needs and that you will be more active here sharing her story and antics. I hope that Karma is secured safely in the back of that pickup truck, my collie Goofy lost his mom cause his owner put Goofy's mom in the back of the pickup unsecured and she fell out and got hit by a semi, so I hope that Karma is tied in so that the lead won't allow for falling over the edge or out, just my worry kicking in.....

Again glad you're back and good to hear that Zelda is coming into her own personality with time alone with you.....

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Welcome back and Im glad you are in a good place again.  Keep us posted.