He's finally home!!! (Pictures included

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Tiny finally made it home last night :) He weighs 13 lbs, not bad considering last week he weighed 9 lbs 7 oz. He will be 8 wks on Friday. He is recovering well from his cropping surgery. The vet did a temporary posting. We allowed him to sleep with us to keep an eye on scratching. He will go in his kennel but is not to keen on the door being closed. We are going out to go potty every 3 hours and only had a partial accident at 3 am cuz i wasn't moving fast enough, lol! I was able to take him out to finsih. He is doing very well with simple commands such as come, kennel and go potty. We are in <3 with him :)

Here are some before his ears were done, I will upload after pics later :)

 here he is sticking out his tounge :)                      here he is taking a treat

 his eyes look so innocent :)

 This is my all time favorite :)

 Tiny and his 4 sisters :)

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Oh Tiny.. you are such a darling.. He looks so serious.

Great first night.. you might want to think about upping your 'go potty' time.

Usually every half an hour makes a big difference. He's still such a little baby.. three hours is a long time to him.

Sure look forward to the updated pictures and take a peek at his posting.

Welcome home King Titus.. You are a great little guy

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What a little cutie, so cuddly, enjoy, he will grow so quickly.

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He is awesome!! Wicked sweetie.... enjoy enjoy!!!!!

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Welcome Home Tiny!!  I know how you feel!!  It takes all of about 2 minutes to fall completely in love.  Enjoy every minute of him being little, it doesn't last long at all!!  Niko was 12lbs. when we brought him home at 6 weeks (early, I know), and now at 14 weeks he is a whopping 35lbs.!!  He looks like he ate the puppy I brought home!!

Cannot wait for more pics, he is such a little doll baby!! I love the one where he is looking up at someone (the innocent eyes pic).  Watch out though, for as cute and as sweet as they are, there is a little demon in each of these guys!! LOL

Thank you for all your kind words. The 3 hour potty routine is for over night and seems to be working really well. He wakes me up and we head right out, at 3 this morning I made the mistake of sitting him down while I tied my shoes. We are enjoying every minute of him :) My daughter and him are inseprable.

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~sigh~   So cute, welcome home little guy!

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Welcome home!!! sounds like a great routine can't wait for more pictures....

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He is absolutely precious. Congrats! Relish every moment!

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Welcome home Tiny!

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Cutie, cutie, cute!!!

Sigh. And puppy breath, too!

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Awww new babies are the best.  You'll love him more each day!