Hello, Again! From Guatemala to California

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Hi Everyone,

It's been a crazy few years...from moving to California after living for 3 years in Guatemala, then getting married, and finally getting the family whole again when our dobie Kike was flown over in March. Unfortunately, his big brother Antonio the tabby, has crossed the rainbow bridge. We miss him every day, and try to enjoy every dobie moment we have together.

Kike (short for Enrique) is now almost 3 years old...how the time has flown! We're still getting the hang of living in the US and trying to get used to each other again after almost a year apart. Confidence is low on both sides, and getting pawrental consistency can be tough when daddy still isn't fluent in English and mommy has to explain clicker training and loose-leash walking in Spanish. But, we love the beach, going hiking, and learning new things together! Oh, and did I mention searching for pokémon?

We're looking forward to becoming experts at obedience, and then taking on new challenges...maybe some doggy sports? Kike already loves to play soccer!

<3 Kike, Elizabeth and Manuel



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Hi Kikes family,

 We remember you and it is so nice to welcome you back and see your update with pictures! Kike has grown into a ' muy guapo' big boy:)

 Thanks and continued good luck!

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Welcome to the states. He's gorgeous and I'm so jealous of your Pokemon . I'm getting caught up in that too. I'm glad your a family again .