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Athena is 6 months! She is doing super awesome with training and is so sweet! Funny how in all of these pics she looks like she is protecting/comforting my daughter...

She actually alerted me to a car while my daughter was learning to ride her bike.

Sitting in front of sister like a big girl.


Sister has panic attacks during thunderstorms. Athena slept next to her in our bed until we were ready to go to sleep. 

We love our Dobie!!!! I never could have expected how stinking sweet she would be. :)

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Happy 6 months, Athena! I was just looking at Rubies pictures the other day and realized her tiny puppy face was replaced with an adult looking face seemingly overnight :( 

Glad to hear you're so pleased with her. I love to hear Dobie conversion stories!

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Happy Month-A-Versary Beautiful Athena..

You certainly suit your name..

The greatest goddess of all.


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Happy 6 months ! She's beautiful :)

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Thanks!! she is a joy. although now that her head is counter height she is getting into everything! lol

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Lovely girl!  Happy half-birthday Athena.