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Its been three wonderful years since we adopted Bella. We are so blessed to have her in our lives, she is such a good dog. We think she is living the life of Riley, we spoil her so much, last night I brought home 2 new toys she was about as happy as a reserved princess can be, but then excitement got the better of her when she started destuffing. The white stuff and her ears were flying! Pic I tried red eye reduction.

xxxxx her so much, she is everything to us, we are everything to her....


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Happy gotcha day pretty Bella :) !!!

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Oh you sweet baby.. Happy happy day to you.. So glad you landed where you did and are so adored... Spoiled?? Naw....just loved..

Katie, Sofia and the other Bella.

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Happy Gotcha day, Bella!  You hit the jackpot that day and everyday since.