Getting to know my "Buddy"

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Buddy is a black and tan Doberman puppie, with a half Euro bloodline. He was born 5-1-2010.  We PLAN on having Buddy as a house dog, we will see how that goes as training progresses ....

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Welcome to the Doberworld.  Good luck on your puppy.

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Welcome to the forum. We look forward to seeing photos of your new baby and reading the tales of his growing and learning. We stand ready to share our experiences with our Dobies and what has worked for us and what has not. We are a very diverse group covering a world wide area.

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KiaOra from NZ.

He looks a beautiful boy and i am sure he is going to give you many blissful hours. There's is nothing better than sitting with your dog in front of the fire at peace with the world. Yes its getting cold here.

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Welcome; Buddy is darling!