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Hello everyone,

My Name is Steve and I am super excited about this website and the wealth of information I have found here. I have been researching Dobermans for several years as I have always wanted one. I found this website and have probably read every word on it atleast twice.


As of last week, I have put a deposit down on my first Doberman puppy. Zoey will be ready to come home and meet her new family on August 19th, 2010 and I am too excited! So excited that i have done as recommended and ALREADY gone to PetSmart and stocked up on toys and "chewables" for my new little girl, over a month early!!

My family has ALWAYS had dogs since I was born and I couldnt imagine not having them in my life. We used to breed and show Collies when I was young, then we transitioned into somewhat of a home for wayward strays. A friend of mine had found a mix breed dog hiding under a large bush in his yard that for two weeks would not come out. After leaving food and water for her for two weeks, and watching her sneak out from the bush at night to eat and drink, I decided that this was no way for "Honey" (because of her golden eyes) to live. I took the chance and carried a sleeping bag under the bush one night and began trying to gain Honey's trust. After three nights of sleeping under the stars with her, I woke up to find Honey cuddled up as close to me as she could get. After a few hours of coaxing, Honey came out from the bush and I was able to get her into the truck and take her home. When she got home she was scared of everything and everyone, including the spinning ceiling fan. Over the years Honey came out of her shell bit by bit. 4 years later, I was working the night shift in the dead of winter, when a lady called the police to inform that someone had dumped an approx. 3 week old puppy on her porch. When I went to the lady's house, I put the puppy in the passenger seat of my squad car to transport her to the shelter. The puppy began to whine and cry and it just tore through my heart. I put the puppy in my lap and once she felt my body heat she went right to sleep. At this time I had no choice but to turn around and take the puppy home. The next day we went to the vet and "Gizmo" was full of worms and covered with fleas. Gizmo was determined to be part min pin (having the black and rust markings) and part beagle, which became evident by the Air Raid siren of a bark that soon developed.


One year ago, after 14 years of loyal companionship, Honey passed away, leaving her playmate and sister Gizmo being the sole dog in the house.

Now its time to give Gizmo a new sister. After searching through breeders and asking lots of questions, I have put a deposit down on Zoey, a red/rust female Dobe, and we cant wait to photograph her growing up, and learn more about the breed from this website!!!

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Hi HoosierDobe and Welcome!!!

I agree, this site is the best.  It is my new hobbie.  I love all the information and you won't believe how helpful everyone is. They can provide you first hand information that is invaluable.

I share your excitement about Zoey.  The anticipation would be more than I could take.  I have a dobie mix and she is my love. They are the most affectionate, intelligent, beautiful dogs ever. You have a wonderul heart and will provide a great home for Zoey. It is so wonderful how you came to get Honey and all your efforts to gain her trust. I'm sure you undid all the abuse she may have suffered and the terror of being on the street by giving her a loving home.  I'm sure Gizmo will be glad for her new sister, however, she will have to let Zoey know who's boss. We have an American Eskimo (23 lb.). Ginger was a tazmanian devil when she was little and took the house by storm. She was like a bull through the house and wanted to play with Lexie, although she played hard.  Lexie would let her know when enough was enough.  Ginger is the perfect lady now, very calm and affectionate.  Lexie is still dominant, however, which is fine by me. It's pretty funny, actually. Dobes can be big babies. Can't wait to hear more about your little girl!  All the best!

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Pet Profiles

Well my goodness welcome HoosierDobe101!!

I honestly don't know how I would have managed this last year having Sofia without this forum; as she came to us quite unexpectedly a year ago. She was abandoned at the guard shack in front of our development.  ( see Sofia's Story)just having had a litter of pups and confused and heartbroken.

I knew nothing about Dobermans and quickly made some long lasting and trusted friendships here on GDF.  You can ask anything and there will always be someone who has either had the same experience or have a source you can research..

Cannot wait to see Zoey and we wish you all the best with you new dobergirl

Smooches to the Pooches

Kate and Sofia

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HoosierDobie - welcome to the site. This is indeed a wonderful site, and all of us add our stories and knowledge. Your story about Honey really was admirable. Too many people would just call the dog catcher and add to the trauma. You were fortunate to have her as long as you did. The longest I have ever had a Dobie was for almost 12 years.

I have had Dobies for about 28 years, and cannot imagine being without at least one. I am very fond of the red dobies and currently have two, a 7 year old ovesized (100 lb, 30" at shoulders) male and a 19 month old more reasonably sized (70 lb, 27" at shoulders) female. Red and Princess are good companions but not mates as he has been fixed.

I highly recommend crate training and in fact you might ask if the breeder will introduce the puppies to a crate. Mine did and it made the 3 day round trip drive to pick her up much easier. Her first night with me was in a motel and she never wimpered or whined except in the middle of the night to let me know she needed to go out. Crate training not only keeps them controlled when you can't have them loose, it also helps in house training.

Right now, she is asleep at me feet and Red is asleep on a pad across the room. They do send their best however.