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Well he seemed to like it (shower) Afterwards he ate like he was starved, got very vocal and bigtime rowdy. Played hard. Peed in the floor!

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Awwweee, He is a cutie! My Dobie only likes bath time if my husband does it. lol She will splash and play in the water with him. If I do bath time she just stands there or tries to escape!

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He is adorable. Makes me want another baby? (NOT, HA!)

My Tiberius loves baths.  He never gives me a problem, in the tub, in the creek, or in the pool, will get in himself and just stand there till done, best part of bath getting the sears cleaned, but groan with happiness as I am doing it.  Then has to have a towel down, that is his all time favortie part.  But does not care of showers or the hose, will put up with it, but does not like it.  Ti loves to be clean, and sweet smelling.

Lady T'Pol, does not care to much for baths, she would rather be dirty, mud caked and stinky.  She will (after lots of false starts and insistence from me) get into the tub, creek or pool, but she must be collared so I can hang on to her till the bath is completed.  Never tried a shower with her, she also does not like the hose.



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Bella's favorite part of bathing is rearing up and swatting the towel away with her paws;0... on hot days she loves 'a nice hose' ( no shampoo) out on the yard area. Btw we use Pert, works for us, green bottle, very well rinsed off (always remember to do) combo shampoo+ conditioner. 

She always wants to zoomie around and play hard when she is drying off!