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For those of you that question dobes and kids, I just have to share this picture of my 2yr.old (almost 3) Granddaughter Maddy, and their 4 mo. old puppy Sammy.

Now I will add, because this is how I truly feel.  kids and dobes, or any other big dog, shouldn't be left unsupervised.  They might be great dogs, but they are still dogs.




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The Dancin' Doberman.. LOVE it..Such great photos.. thank you for sharing..

Thanks Chris.. you're so right.. We think that children need a LOT of training around dogs as well.

Instincts are stronger than training sometimes.. and no one likes a surprise.. ( unless it's me and it's my birthday..) LOL

BTW I have a grand-girl named Maddy too..

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i couldnt agree with this more:) i dont leave my dog alone with my kids! and teaching a child to respect a dog is as important as looking both ways to cross the road!

my sister has a bullmastiff, cutie and sweet dog, very lazy and good natured....she also has a 6 year old son who has no respect for the dog....she told me a couple months ago how the dog had started to growl at him even if he came near her because he pokes her and pinches her ect. anyway this weekend she had enough and while they were at the water park he kept bugging the dog and the dog snapped and bit him on the head leaving a pretty big tooth hole. this poor dog has been in their lives for a year now and nothing was done to stop the kid from bullying the dog and now the dog is being punished for it.

now my youngest son also likes to bug my dog and ill tell you right now it is not tolerated even a tiny bit. and hes learning:) and the dog and my little guy, who is 3, are becoming buddies:) we are teaching both of them to respect each other and its paying off!

from the pictures it looks like your grandaughter and her puppy will grow up to be best friends:) they are so cute!!!


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What a couple of cuties!

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Toooooo cute!  And yes, supervision is critical, as is teaching the child how to behave around dogs.  I got bit (in the face no less) twice when I was little because I had no idea that joining my dog in her "den" was a bad idea.  Luckily (obviously...) it did not diminish my love of big dogs, but it could have.

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Very cute! Thanks for posting!



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What nice pics, both are adorable:0

 Thanks for posting Chris

All children should be shown how to love / treat all animals properly. A poorly taught child may grow up to become a person who antagonizes ( or worse) other people or animals. Love outside of yourself can start with an animal. jmho

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So adorable! I've never had a single problem with my now 85lb beast of a one year old. As much as he loves people he seems to just inherently know that he must be gentle and kind with the little ones. It's so cute to see him be all gentle and nice when a little kid wants to pet him.

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Bella is very good with children, because her last family that we got her from had an 8, 4 and 2 year old. Sometimes she surprises the kidlets that we meet with a surprise kiss!!