DOberman and Blind cat have over 100,000 views!

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Joined: 2012-02-20 to this site. Had to share with you guys tat my Dobie Kilroy and blind cat Bear hit over 100,000 on YouTube last week. I guess people find them hard to believe, even though I am sure the video will be nothing new to anyone on this site ;-) Here it is in case you want to see it..

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Very cute!  I haven't seen it before, so thanks for sharing!

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Can't get my YouTube to come up for some reason - will try again later. We have a collie who's deaf and almost completely blind - Gideon is her best friend. They play constantly and where one is, the other is not far behind.

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How sweet are they??? Amazing......the animal kingdom knows so much more than we do.....

Just last night a opossum showed up to eat the outside cats food and he had apparently recently been hit in the face by something, maybe he walked into a car, maybe someone hit him to make him go away but his skull is caved in on one side and he is missing an eye, my hubby came up on the porch walked right past him into the house, then without knowing about the injury he took a very very soft bristle broom and touched him thinking just a touch and he would leave but instead he froze stiff he was soooo scared, hubby was heartbroken he had scared him so badly, no sooner had hubby gotten inside than the outside cat jumped up and rubbed all over the opossum so we shooed the cat away not wanting him to get hurt, and 10 seconds later a raccoon who had serious injuries 2-3 years ago (ears cut half off, shoulder/back area scraped clean of fur and skin, tail cut half off he recovered), well he jumps up and I just knew the two of them would fight but instead the raccoon realized this was an injured opossum and helped him to find the food bowl and let him eat then they took turns eating for 1/2 hour. So apparently the cats and the raccoon have adopted this injured opossum.

Animals are forever amazing in their tolerance and adaptability. Thank you for sharing that video - I LOVED the grinning how adorable, what a gentle doberman.....