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I have a new addition to my family. Her name is Daisy. She is about 2 1/2. She came to me about a month ago, and except for not knowing how to walk on a leash she is perfect. This is her fourth home, which I just don't understand, she had beautiful manners. I'll post some pictures ad quick ad I figure out how.

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you know it could be as simple as maybe she counter surfs or got into the trash once or twice - it's amazing how little tolerance people have for animals not understanding human life and issues - maybe as she gets more settled you will figure out what it was that others didn't want to deal with, could just be they didn't appreciate her

I remember the woman that came into the vet's office and said she wanted to "get rid" of her dalmation and when I asked her why she said she had redecorated and the dog didn't go with the decor anymore!!!! People can just be plain ignorant

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So happy to meet this lovely girl. You are the best DoberMom in the world and she will  settle in before you know it.

I got to see this pretty girl on your Facebook page and so thrilled you guys got together...

Love you Chris.