B's new Handmade Leather collar

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I got this beautiful new collar for our Bella on Etsy. It is hand tooled, hand stitched and has a real silver buckle and concha. The shop is Jigsawleather. The shop-owner made it herself and is a showhorse bridlemaker as well. Just couldn't pass it up for 30.00+shipping:)


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She is really stylin' now!  What diva is complete without one-of-a-kind, handmade leather accessories?


On a sidenote, I saw a dog at Petsmart today after class that reminded me sooooo much of your lovely Bella; a petite, slender version of a dobie but gold-on-gold coloring.

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nice collar and she really is playing up to the camera for the right view of that bling!!!

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LOVE the collar!! 

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Dear Bella~ Aren't you gorgeous in your new VERY fashionable collar. I do like it a lot and it really shows off your lovely coloring and gorgeous coat.( Accessories are what makes a difference you know!)

I prefer royal purple, but that's just my own preference.. (We all need to make our fashion statements in our own unique way.)

From one DoberDiva to another.. you're well on your way.. and I commend you for your fashionista sense of style

air kisses and nose bumps


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Wow! (bowwwowowow) so nice to get loving compliments from all my friends and even THE DoberDiva says my new collar is pretty!

woof from pb an' me

PS My mommy and daddy are sailing to Catalina for several days.... I will miss them but I will be at my best pal Marks house with lots of fur friends to play with!!! AND maybe I will learn how to swim:))

That is the 1st step to becoming a bone/afido sailor doggie myself

Beautiful ... What a girl xx 

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Niiice; it complements her color perfectly!  I love sleeping dobies!

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Beautiful and such a model she is!

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Etsy is a great site I have found for all things doggy. I was checking out those collars yesterday and the best thing is the pricing is very reasonable.

She looks stunning with her new bling and agree that the color compliments her beauty...