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Today is Bella's 6th birthday.

 She is a very happy, healthy, active and affectionate dog. She may be slowing down a little bit, but she adores us, her toys, and running freely on daily hikes nearby.

We think she is the best dog in the whole world!!

She has received several new toys and a new custom collar.



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Happy Birthday pretty girl!

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Happy Birthday Bella!  You are looking good for 6! 

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Happy Birthday, Bella!  Love the new swag!

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    Pretty girl.  Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Wish my almost 6 year old (next month) would slow down a little - haha!! 

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Thanks for all your replies!

We are hosting Toma the Goldie this week as her owner is at a seminar. She has slowed down considerably and won't actively play with Bee.

Bella's new collar I made from a patterned 3/4" wide pretty webbing leash bought at Kahoots. It is a martingale style neck collar, ( no buckle or clip) I used the hardware from the old black one. You can see her white hairs advancing all around eyes and jaw, except on the top end of her nose. She is bugging me to go for a hike. Enjoy pics!



Happy New Year


Julia Michael and Bella

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I'm late to the party, but happy birthday!