Axel solved my problem

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I had previously posted a request for some help with one of my other dogs who had suddenly developed a fear of Axel. I tried the rescue remedy and it didnt work. So today she was more anxious than usual. It was feeding time and I had some left over spaghetti so I split it up. This is where Axel comes into play. He started to eat and he noticed she was hanging back, so he stepped aside and she started eating out of his bowl. He then joined her and now she is calm. It was the craziest thing I have ever seen. I mean he really likes her. He always seeks her out but somethings been wrong but now its fixed. I just wanted to share because I just cant explain it.





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well there you have it, they had an argument and worked it out hahahaah, I hope it sticks, and who could dispute the effects of good spaghetti :))

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If only they could talk...

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Clever Axel, you'll have to give Cleo some lessons, she still bullies poor Archie !

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WOW; that is amazing!  What an angel! 

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Pasta.. whodda thunk?