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She is Amazing!  I was going to try tethering but there really was no need because she follows me everywhere.  We got home Saturday night after a very long day in the car driving home from breeder.  She slept most the trip, we stopped every hour to potty, no accidents in car.  Potty training is going very well.  I followed some advice I read about taking her out every 20 minutes just to go potty and then come inside.  Play time and potty time are seperate.  My motto is when in doubt, take her out. We go to the same spot.  She has had a 95% success rate, and this morning she even walked toward the door on her own and looked at me.  We went outside and she went immediately.  She is sooooo smart!  I have been hand feeding her, making her work for her food.  So we have a good training sessions in the morning when she's very hungry.  It's only been really 2 full days of working with her, but she sits on command, even goes to her bed when asked and lays down on command.  I pretty much ask her to sit 1,000 times a day.  It's our go-to position. I have taken her everywhere with me, I have a treat pouch on my hip at all times and ask everyone she meets to get her to sit politely before petting her or giving her a treat.  She has already met at least 20 new people in new places, and is doing so good!  No to mention, she is just gorgeous!!! Also crate training is going good.  She cried the first night, pretty solid, but the second night she only cried when she had to go out to potty at around midnight.  And the same last night, only crying once around midnight to go out. 

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keep up the good  work!

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Sounds as if you've got a winner! Love her name and she is just adorable.. Can't wait to hear more.

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awww what a smart little girl, be sure to get tons of pictures and voice record her vocals I should have done that with Ben's yodel but it didn't dawn on me till he couldn't yodel anymore....congrats and welcome to the little one