Anyone ready for another round of Jax ?

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Just a few of the kids;

20.5 lbs today. Not quite 12 weeks yet. Glad I don't have to buy him shoes (for his feet anyway LOL)

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Love the pool and smile pic!!!!! Thanks for my smile today!

great pictures. I love the pool shots. Wish I could get mine interested in the pool.

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OH WOW---superdogs!!  Love the pool photos.....well, actually, I loved them ALL.

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Oh Gunny. wonderful pictures.. love them in their pool.. Jewel is such a good big sister!! Great picture of him trying to climb up her!! Lawzie.. look at dem footies..

I have to say.. that last shot ..... evil... pure D evil! (" I'll get you and your little tug boat too!")

Buckle up Budderro.. you're in for a wild ride!

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How neat I have that same pool!!! LOL Athena got out one day "I forgot to close the gate . I Have been training her not to run out gate but at 3 months she had to follow her mommy. anyways she headed straight to the back yard to her pool like this one. Its tough to remmeber you have a baby around the house again and to keep care to not leave gates open or your socks on the floor!!! LOL 

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O I sooo need to go buy one of those pools.. I know Bella wont go near it but I imagine that Mopar and Sky would love it!

Great Pics and Thanks for sharing your babies with us :o)

As far as the pool, the best and the worst $15 I ever spent. Keeps um cool but drippy. Hence the floor that needs sweeping and mopping EVERY night!!!! They both LOVE the water.

Kate can't ya just see them wheels-a-turnin' LOL

Had to stop typing for a sec. Little demon ran off into the bed room. WAY too much interesting stuff in there for him. He came running out with a bone. Told my house looks like a cattle rendering yard LOL

Paul I bet you remember those days, Huh? Ziva is SOOO pretty!!

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MAN, how i would LOVE for zelda to be able to climb into the kiddy pool like that and cool off. I have to hold her down for us to hose her down D:

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Great photos!  They look like they are getting along so well...Love the play shots. 

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These photos are great.  I love the photos of them playing together, kinda makes me miss Sully being so little..well kinda little lol. Now he is almost the same size as Athena!  I also, really like the photos of Jax in the pool it looks like he is just having a blast!!!!  Keep the pictures coming 

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What a great big sister!  And I'll bet Jax was snapping at the water dragons...He looks like he's having a great time.  Love the pics.

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 "Now he is almost the same size as Athena!"

         Control Freak, That is impossible!  

                       Prove it!  

I'm Camera Crazy this week!  Back it, Girl!