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Helloooo there!! Long time no see everyone! I have an update :-D


I know, I've ben absent for years...Good excuse: just moved to the middle of nowhere. Kay loves it!! She doesn't need her ball to enjoy a walk anymore. She's relaxed so much since moving away from town, it's unreal. Gone are the days of me being unsure whether I can leave her alone with a stranger she met five minutes ago. She is just a lump of love :D

Went for a walk with a friend and took the opportunity to get some nice photos of me and Kay that aren't selfies...Not sure how well they turned out :-P

Also, meet Taz (turn away if you don't like ferrets)

He fell into the road behind the car in october 2016 and he's been brightening up my day ever since 


Hope everyone is good! I never have time to even read the forums anymore but always like to drop in with a quick update whenever I can. I got a lot of support from this forum when Kay was an ass, the least I can do is let everyone know she's still doing well.

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Love Love Love the 5th pic of you and Kay together.  That pic is so sweet and shows a true doberman love bug!


Great pictures! Cherish those for sure!

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oh wow I popped back in after a long time off due to moving too and what do I find but my favorite girl KAY !!!!!!

pics of Kay I just love her she tickles me to death her zest for life and play are great

glad she likes the new place!!!

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Glad all is working out with Kay.