All about my dobie face!!! (First post)

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 I am soo happy to have found this place... I call it, all dobes all the time! lol! 

   Okay so.. On Sunday, I rescued a dobie  face that was literally starving to death. He lived outside, had worms, and was not being treated the way a dobie should be. He was I knew I had to take him home. 

 So I did. 

Now, he's my dobie! His name is bruce, but I wanted to call him Optimus Prime. I said My next dobe would be a male and i would name him that. Well, bruce is six years old and is used to Bruce, so my name desire will have to wait for my next male dobie. lol! 

When I got him on Sunday, and started him on teh recovery diet. I took him to be weighed yesterday.. he was 62.3# I took him into day to his vet appt....he's 66.8#!!!! I wormed him and he is as healthy as he can be considering. He is overjoyed to be here w/ me and my daughter, hubby and his furry sister and cat brother. 

I love him soo soo much. As every day goes by he gets better and better. 

As we all here on GD know, they are "velcro" dogs..and I love having my little shadow whereever I go. 

I'm so grateful we came into each others lives.  I love experiencing all the dobe thins...the "dobie stalk", the urging you to go to be so they can, the dobie under the covers crawl, the dobie "talking".  LOVE IT ALL!!!! 

I'm glad to be on here where i can read and do dobie stuff all I want.  take care all, nice to meet everyone. and i look forward to all the stories, info, etc.  

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Welcome to this wonderful Forum..

Your story brought tears to my eyes and when I read your pet profile and saw. 'he is our breath.'............. well.. I leaked all over my keyboard. What a lovely sentence and how you perfectly described how we all feel about our Dobermans.

Bless you for your rescue work and so glad you joined us.. We look forward to hearing more and more about Bruce. Sounds like he has found a wonderful home.

Saludos from Mexico