Adventures of the TMNP - the office fling

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A while ago at work, we took in a "foster" that was picked up on the road.  For several months, I tried to place her but each time failed.  Either she was dog selective, unfriendly to the people or simply uninterested.  Because she seemed happy with our situation, she stayed and we named her Nike. 

Rip loves ERRBODY.  Not errbody loves him back and sometimes that makes him sad.  As fate would have it, Nike does.  So at least once a week, Rip comes to work for a playdate.

She loves his silly ears,

she loves when he slobbers all over her head,

and she loves to see who can run the fastest,

And then there's king of the mountain.


All in a day's work, I guess.  :) 


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Omg tooooo cute !!!!!

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Bless her heart.. I love 'foster failure' stories...

she's a love!!

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What a cute pair!!! They look perfect for each other! (And super ornery lol)