2 better than 1? and Bella's Fence is done

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We are very happy to say that after almost a year of building it, our 1/2 acre about 500' foot x 4-4.5' fence is finally up and though not finished * i.e. stained and painted, it is beautiful and has so far kept Bella inside. So she no longer has to deal with a long soft tether that she could have chewed through, but never did. She has tried out the dog door but does not regularily use it as the doors are all open at this time of the year.

My next question, how do we know if Bella would appreciate a companion? I saw a beautiful boxer-lab yellow-brindle black-nose that needs a home. He is 10 months. She is 3 1/2, and very attached to us. She loves to play with other dogs also. 

In the 3rd photo you can see the hog wire panel fencing that makes up the long stretches of fencing. As you can see there are many styles of iron work, a little patchwork effect that will not be so noticeable when finished ...

thanks for looking!

 Your thoughts on 2 dogs greatly appreciated:)

Julia, Michael and Bella

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She'd probably love having a little buddy to pal around with and teach stuff to:) I know I could never have just one lol deegan although small has taught Ares a great deal :) lol I'd say have them meet at the adoptions place to see how they would get a long a proper introduction is the key !



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The fence looks marvelous! Well done. 

I don't think that I will ever be without two, even though they don't necessarily need--or even want--one another around all of the time. Going forward I will definitely have a male/female combo just for safety though. It can really go either way--if they enjoy each other, great! If not...you just get to work twice as hard to keep them both happy :) Playing, running, tug, etc...are all things that I much prefer my dogs do with one another than with me. Shoot, I can't even run fast enough to actually make Otto run, even at 9.5 years old he still just trots until we get to about 7.5 mph. Much better that he chase Juneau :P

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Oh Jules and Michael.. congratulations on a WONDERFUL fence... it's so beautiful and frames your incredible view with fantastic beauty...

I think I would agree with Ares.. let Bella pick her playmate.. she will know and bond with him right away.. there will be no doubt.

A boxer mix is an ideal companion.. same energy level and the age difference sounds perfect.. hope the meet and greet goes well.. would love a new member to our family...

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The new fence is fabulous!  Let us know what you decide about a playmate.

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We got a 9 week old female when Kevin was 3.5 years old. Best decision we ever made. I was very hesitant at first because Kevin is very attached to me and I to him. I worried he wouldn't adjust well and that they wouldn't get along. We took all the precautions of introducing them but within ten minutes they were inseparable. It's been 3 months and all is well.

Do it. ;-)

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Agreed on both items... The fence looks beautiful; great job!

And yes, let them meet and Bella will let you know if they're meant to be.  Even in his socialization class there are definitely pups that Zeus absolutely clicks with and plays well with the whole time and others that he either doesn't engage with or doesn't play as well with. Same with my girl, Lizzy is pretty protective of me when she's on a leash and some of my friends' dogs she can't be around and others she's cool with.  They'll let you know :-)

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Hi, And thanks for all your replies:)

That private party owner with the beautiful brindle boxer lab has not replied to my emails. So many people do only texts these days. Or maybe he thinks we are too far away. But for the right companion dog we are willing make a couple of long trips, and its only to the next county. The most important thing will be the meeting of the two dogs, in a secure area.

We love our fence too, thanks again for the compliments! There was actually an area that I thought was secure and Bella jumped up a 5 1/2' rock wall like a piece of cake, right when we were having a bunch of guests over to admire all our new landscaping#$%$#@@

She was a little worked up due to the party and a passer by with 2 dogs.... it was soooo funny to see her racing a high speed 7 times around the house! It had been several days and she had not got out before that incident...

Luckily, we have just the right amount of wrought iron left over, and we tied it on at that spot, until we can install it it should be fine:)

Its funny, I think she could easily sail over the fencing, but it is not in her mind to do so. Yet she is quite accuctomed to jumping around and up onto sandstone boulders as that is part of her daily hikes.

We love her so much, its all worth itxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Bella has help guarding the property

 From 2 Talavera Coyotes!!

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Love the iron gate!!! I like the different styles of fencing the design changes etc. love it!!!

Can't wait to hear who you choose as her companion!!! I want pics hahahaha