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Last night we went to agility training as rolo is doing well at puppy school and our instructor invited us along. Omg he loved loved LOVED it! He was bolting through the tunnel and walking along the boards with ease. Even our instructor said he was really good for a first week. She said shall we let him off his lead I asked if she was sure, so we let him off and he starts running around like a baby pony! He ruined his good behaviour interupted the whole class and chased the other dogs leaping around nobody could catch him how embarassing! I just didn't know what to do with myself! Luckily I had brought my mum with me and between us we managed to catch him! The instructor was like ummm maybe wasn't quite ready for that!



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LOL---so funny!

Years ago, I took my female doberman, Darmok, to beginning agility classes....and she loved it, too.  They were held indoors inside a huge area that was specifically built for agility trials and training.  Our first classes were done 'on leash', but when I let go of the leash so that Dar could run through the tunnel, she stopped halfway through the thing, picked up the loose end of the leash in her mouth, and bolted out the other end holding her leash so that I had nothing to grab her by and ran around the ring totally playing "catch me if you can".  I was embarrassed, but everyone else thought it was very entertaining!

Good luck with your classes---agility does so much to teach dobermans balance and confidence...I would reccommend beginning agility classes to every doberman owner.

LOL that will be my boy I just know it.

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Sounds like Rolo had a ball anyway .. good luck with the agility, sounds like fun

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I have always enjoyed the Agility shows everytime I see them on TV or in person. Even if I don't go to the actual trials, I plan on setting up it at home. I haven't found the see-saw yet, but I am still looking. I found the weave poles, the tunnels, and the jumping bar. When I have the money, I will have it set up and bring home my little doberman.